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International Journal of Drug Design & Discovery
International Journal of Drug Design & Discovery

hi Guest International Journal of Drug Design and Discovery

Volume 3 Issue 2 , April - June 2012        ISSN: 0975-8275


Edaravone Part 2: Antibacterial Activity of Novel Substituted Azetidinone Derivatives of Edaravone

R.V. Antre, R.J. Oswal, D.B. Thorat and R.B. Shete



Isolation and Preliminary Screen of Bioactive Fractions from Different Microbial Isolates towards Construction of a Microbial Drug Bank

B. Gunalan, B. Joseph, S. Jyothi, Sundar. R, S. Sangeetha and BibhasKar



In Silico Pharmacophore Modeling and Virtual Screening to Design Potential p38 MAP Kinase Inhibitors as New Leads

Neelakantan Suresh



Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Potential Thiosemicarbazones as Antimicrobial Agents

M. Diwan, S.M. Verma and Bandana



Novel 4-Substituted Azetidinone Derivatives of Pyrazolone

R.J. Oswal, R.V. Antre, S.P. Hadke, R.B. Shete and D.B. Thorat



Synthesis, Characterization, and In vitro Anticancer Screening of Some Novel, Potential Acridone Analogues

V.S. Velingkar, R.A. Ghumare



2D-QSAR Study of Thienopyrimidine Derivatives: An Approach to Design Effective Anti-bacterial Agents

J.A.S. Mulla, M.B. Palkar, V.S. Maddi and I.A.M. Khazi



Synthesis of 3-chloro-4- (2-hydroxy-5-(substituted phenyl (diazyl)-N-[(4-oxo-2-phenylquinazoline 3(4H)-yl)]-2-oxoazetidine-1-carbothiamide Analogs as Potential Antimicrobial Agents

V. Mujalda, S. Tiwari, V. Sharma, P. Saxena and M. Shrivastava



Synthesis and In-vitro Antimalarial Activity of Some New 4-Aminoquinoline Mannich Base Derivatives

S. Roy, D. Chetia, M. Rudrapal and A. Prakash



Docking Directed kNN MFA Study of Pyrimidine Nucleosides as HCV NS5B Inhibitors

S. Samanta, S.P. Gupta, N. Masand, N.K. Basu and V.M. Patil