International Journal of Drug Design & Discovery

hi Guest International Journal of Drug Design and Discovery

Volume 2 Issue 2 , April - June 2011         ISSN: 0975-8275


Acetylcholinesterase/butylcholinesterase Activity of Substituted Chromenone Derivatives

J. Ashok Kumar, G. Saidachary, P. Kavitha, J. Venkateswara Rao, B. Sridhar and B. China Raju



3D QSAR - Comparative Molecular Similarity Indices Analysis of 2-Heteroarylquinoline-4-amines as Possible Anti-HIV-1 Agents

S. Ganguly, S. Murugesan



Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of 3-alkyl/aryl–2-methylquinazolin-4-one Derivatives

M.S. Ranawat, S.V. Amrutkar and P. Phargharmol



Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization: A Useful Strategy in Molecular Modification of Lead Compound in Analog Design

Ashutosh Kumar Patidar, G. Selvam, M. Jeyakandan, Ashok Kumar Mobiya, Ajay Bagherwal, Gaurav Sanadya and Ramraj Mehta



Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Evaluation of Thiazole Derivatives as M. tuberculosis and Antimicrobial Activity

Rajendra D. Dighe, Mahendra R. Shiradkar, Sheetal S. Rohom, Prashant D. Dighe and Sanjay R. Chaudhari



Design and Synthesis of 1-(2-amino-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl) cyclohexanol Analogs as Potential Microbial Agents

Vinay Mahyavanshi and Sunil I. Marjadi



Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Novel Azetidinones from Dehydroacetic Acid

Chetan P. Pulate, Gurubasavrajswamy P. M., Rishikesh V. Antre and Divakar Goli



Structure, Shape, Ms Spectral Data and Biological Activities of Fullerenes

Antre Rishikesh Vilas, A. Cendil Kumar, Goli Divakar, Andhale Ganesh Sakharam and Jomon Joseph



Synthesis and Chemical Characterisation of Some Novel Substituted Flavone’s for It’s Anti Microbial Activity

A.S. Mohamed Halith and T. Sivakumar



New Benzimidazolo Indane-1, 3-Dione Derivatives: Synthesis and In-Vitro Screening Against Helminthic Infections

S. Jubie, R. Gayathri, A.R. Srividya, R. Kalirajan, S. Suresh, S. Sankar and K. Elango